Welcome to the Naturez Milk website

Dairy CowNaturezMILK™ and NATUREZ8™ are the brand names for milk products sold by the Naturez Group of Companies.

The company was established by several family farmers based in NSW, Australia, which families have farmed the same riverbank and coastal farms for the past 150 years. Over the past 30 years on-farm milk production has diversified from being solely ‘dairy’ and ‘goats milk’ to now include ‘soy’ and ‘coconut’ milk products.

Besides sharing a common history, Naturez™ farmers have a strong commitment to natural farming methods, the non-use of chemicals, additives and hormones in disease control and livestock management.

Naturez™ farmers have a fervent belief that the attempted monopolization of agriculture, seed and food production by multi-national petrochemical and pharmaceutical concerns is to be resisted and traditional family farmers rewarded for their efforts.

Our farmers are confident that the internet will finally enable you the consumer to have access to quality products at a fair price to farmer producers.

As a Naturez™ customer, you may buy our milk and yoghurt products knowing that they have been manufactured in Australia under the strict supervision of AQIS (Australia Quarantine Inspection Services) and the NSW Dairy Food Authority. All our products comply with Australian, Chinese, E.U. and international health regulations and standards.

Our dairy ingredients are primarily sourced from the fertile riverbank farms and accredited dairies of the Tweed, Richmond and Clarence River Valleys. This region enjoys a sub-tropical temperate climate, has amongst the highest annual rainfall in Australia and for the past century has been known for its abundant supply of premium fresh milk and quality soy bean isolates. This freshness is captured in our range of dried and powdered milk for export.

Naturez™ milk powders and any derivative infant formula products offered under the Naturez™ brand are tested (microbiological and nutrients) by independent external NATA registered laboratories before shipping.  If you require, testing in Government accredited laboratories in Bruxelles, Beijing and Shanghai is available for our international customers.

All Naturez™ staff are trained in Naturez™ own food safety programs, together with Australian, Chinese and comparable international Food Safety Standards for milk powders and infant formula.

Our farmer suppliers are trained to utilize the latest digital technology in the management of their farms as well as their livestock to ensure complete traceability of all variables and inputs involved milk production. This in turn reduces on-farm operational costs, the traceability of all inputs and underscores Naturez™ product quality guarantee of FOOD SAFETY to you the consumer.

Our processing plants are technically advanced and Naturez™ is consistently investing in staff, new equipment and farmer training to ensure compliance with all the stringent requirements for you our customer.

Naturez™ is a concept in the production and sale of agricultural produce and is here to stay. NaturezMILK™ and NATUREZ8™ are brand names that live up to the reputation of the farmers who created them.

NaturezMILK™ as a business shuns debt and like its stakeholders (who have been peasant farmers for countless generations) realize the importance of living in equilibrium with the throbbing virility of Nature and delivering a truly natural, quality and satisfying natural milk product..